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    1. Even though she got my name wrong (because its a difficult one thanks to my dad!) Tonya made me feel at ease knowing that my loved one has passed on and visits me everyday. I feel him around me! He even gave me the blessing I needed to get married and to move on with a positive life. Life hasnt been easy without him but in his honor I will dedicate positivity and show him that I can be happy before we see each other again.

  1. Excellent advice. Was able to see into the family situation and make me feel better about who I am in it.

  2. Excellent reading with Tonya! I highly recommend reading with her. She is very accurate and tells the truth even when its hard to hear.

  3. Fair advice. It was all very future oriented so Ill have to update on the predictions. Otherwise she is lovely to speak to and very positive. Nice delivery!

  4. Honestly excellent and legit. Shes the real deal. A lot of different style readings. I like her authenticity. Will see everything come to pass I am sure.

  5. I didn’t receive many details on this call. She did reassure and confirm what I already knew about a guy I haven’t heard from.

  6. I enjoy Tonyas readings every time. She said the exact phrase my mom uses! Shocked me wholeheartedly. Shes so nice and encouraging. Definitely recommend!

  7. I love talking to Tonya. She is direct and honest but at the same time makes you feel good. I highly recommend her.

  8. I love Tonya. Always on point and consistent with her readings regarding me and my poi and she was able to connect me with my mom who had passed and the details she gave me are accurate!

  9. I loved my reading with Tonya. She picked up very fast on my bf that passed. Stated a lot of facts. She will be my go to. Thanks soo much.

  10. I really want to thank her for reading me and my son, she was right on and very grateful that I got to talk with her. Very friendly too.

  11. I truly enjoyed my reading with Tonya and she answered my question in the most effective way with her abilities and her hilarious guide. I highly recommend her for her accuracy and her useful advice that resonated with me to help me with my dilemma.

  12. If you want a truly great reading then you need to call Tonya. She provides great insight but will not sugarcoat anything for you. All of the readings Ive had with her have come true.

  13. If youre wanting to connect with a deceased loved one, Tonya is the best! She knows so much without having to say a word.

  14. My dog went missing. I know she’s the real deal. She hit on a very important detail #3 surrounding him. He’s been missing for 3 days . We have not yet found him but she was getting another # 10 which could be we find him in 10 days. I’ll let you know.

  15. Oh I loved her, she made me feel at ease. I truly felt the connection to my loved one. She made me feel tons better …Thank you so much!!!

  16. Oh my goodness. To have a reading with Psychic Tonya is priceless. The compassionate guidance she provides is empowering and professional. You will experence a sense of refreshment, peace, love, hope and joy. She is most worthy of your time, as you will experence levels of needed spiritual healing, understanding, clarity and direction.

  17. She asked my late husband to come through and validate that it was him. Quite the experience. I will definitely read again.

  18. She gave me lots of information. Its good and refreshing to hear what she has to say but it was also partly what I know.

  19. She helped me to clearly see and evaluate which guy I most likely would choose between two if I were to have to in the future on love and relationship.

  20. She is beautiful and straight forward. I could not stop smiling my heart was melting and smiling when she connected to my mommy. Thanks so much.

  21. She made me feel better about the after life. She said things to help me grieve and accept what has been done . I truly appreciate everything she said in my reading.

  22. She told me things about my POI that line up with the current situation at hand. She also seemed very accurate.

  23. She unfortunately had to tell me info I didnt want to hear but I appreciate her being honest with me! She will give you answers you need.. but be prepared it may not be what you want! I look forward to reading with her in the future again!

  24. She was excellent always was good and give me positive advice as always. I enjoyed her as always.

  25. She was pleasant and encouraging but she told me very different information about my person of interest in comparison to several other psychics that I read with. Maybe she picked up on the person’s past behaviors.

  26. She was straight to the point and on point on everything she said. She has helped me be ok with what happened.

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