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88 Reviews about “TATYANA —- [CHAT NOW]

  1. tatyana always has got my back, and very truthful. Will keep coming back for more predictions, Thanks.

    1. tatyana is a 5 star Medium she is amazing, she gives the most accurate information you can get. She is a very gifted psychic. The best!!!!

  2. tatyana gave me a peace of mind with my reading. I appreciate her insight with my current situation and helped me feel more at ease.

  3. tatyana is always accurate. Something was to happen by the end of January, and it did after waiting for over 2 1/2 months. Very grateful for tatyana. Thanks.

  4. tatyana is always encouraging and always knows what to say. I’m lucky to have tatyana, she extraordinary!

  5. tatyana is fantastic and I will be definitely calling tatyana again. tatyana is spot on and always friendly.

  6. tatyana is gifted. However, some of her advice at the end was a bit more generic and predictable based on my situation. I do recommend her if you want someone to tell you about your situation and give you advice.

  7. tatyana is great. Call her and find out why I feel this way!! She will help you!! That I can promise you!

  8. tatyana is the best ever!! She will help you!! But you must call her!! I promise you, it will be best phone call you ever made.

  9. tatyana is very talented, and accurate. tatyana is a gracious person and very truthful. Thanks, again.

  10. tatyana tuned right into my energy and answered all my questions. I need to keep my goals on the business and then once it is up and running, I will find someone for my heart.

  11. tatyana was direct, kind, straightforward, and loving! Would definitely read with her again! Spot on!

  12. Absolutely enjoyed my session with tatyana. You can just feel her energy and vibrancy through the phone. She provided very insightful advice/answers to the questions I asked. Spot on with details and very encouraging. Will definitely call her again!

  13. Always a great reading with tatyana. She is an excellent medium. And is very positive to talk to. Very accurate readings.

  14. Always a wonderful conversation with good guidance, good energy with encouragement to become a better person. Thank you my Friend.

  15. Amazing energy, beautiful person. Can feel her kindness and how much she cares for her clients. Straightforward and sweet at the same time, non-judgmental which is important to me. Provided options and things i can do for myself. Love her!! She is like a friend you talk to when you need good advice.

  16. Excellent psychic reader, always friendly and compassionate and always accurate. What more can I say, thanks again.

  17. Excellent, tatyana is the best medium out there. She connects well and communicates very well. She is very positive and helpful. Very gifted.

  18. Exceptional psychic, looking forward to all the predictions and having a great year. Thanks, tatyana.

  19. First reading and she told me my poi’s feelings and that we should take it slow! I will follow her advice.

  20. Great experience with tatyana. She was very kind, honest and accurate with the details. Looking forward to more readings from her.

  21. Great reading! I really connected with tatyana and was able to speak to her as if we were long time friends. She was spot on and very detailed.

  22. Great, picked up quickly. Wasnt what I wanted to hear, but more of what I needed to hear. Thanks for the clarification. 🙂

  23. Hadn’t talked to tatyana in about a month, but tatyana is still right on track and is accurate. Thank you.

  24. Helped me to feel confident in listening to my own inner intuition. Validated my experience through a hard time.

  25. I am really grateful to have found tatyana, as she is the greatest psychic on CP. Thank you very much.

  26. I did really resonate with what she said because it was so different than everyone else.

  27. I got to chat with tatyana again. She is so sweet and so amazing. I know the connection that I have with this particular psychic. She is very accurate. She zooms in on whats important and she tells you what you need to know. When I talk to her I always get a sense of peace like a path. She leads me and then I find my way everything. She has said has always been on point. She will never waste your time and I always take what she says.

  28. I love tatyana. I love how she does my reading. its kind of in a fun playful way. Sorry I ran out of funds. I will get back to you again.

  29. I love her so much. She is so genuine and I can feel it. I can feel her energy. She doesnt just tell you things. She really means what she sees. I will definitely call her again. Im just waiting to see what happens because I really feel that she connected with my POI and I hope it works out but if it doesnt I appreciate that too. She is amazing, very gifted. I will be calling her back.

  30. I thank tatyana so much for my first reading with her and boy was it amazing. She was so straight forward with no sugar coating. I appreciate her honesty. Thank you.

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