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  1. love her, so so helpful and sticks to his word, always honest and has such patience for my endless and repetitive questions, she rocks

  2. I will only get readings from Scarlette. She is a straight shooter and isn’t trying to drum up business by giving false hope and information. She scolds me sometimes but she is really not a judgmental person. Thank you . I trust you. And coming from a person with major trauma and trust issues that is saying a lot.

  3. Came to have some clarity. Hope what she said is right. I’m at my lowest currently and I hope thinks will come back up.

  4. They say, “the best” is subjective, but for me I keep coming back to Scarlette for all different topics in my life. I have been consulting with her for over 9 months now, at least once a week. Not once I have been disappointed with what she has offered me on various life events. So for me,

  5. many thanks for everything you do for me! I appreciate your true insights, advises on how to see things in perspective and how to navigate freely and clearly in my life. This review is minuscule in comparison to what you offer, like a drop of an ocean

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