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  1. The timing of a huge life prediction for my family was correct as it just came to pass. Pretty impressed, thank you

  2. I reached out to her for this session to discuss a couple of my life events that I needed to make decisions on. I have shied away from them in past. Through my sessions, with her, I have gotten clarity on my life events and have found courage in me to stand up to them and face them. Savannah has become my trusted advisor and confidant, she adds value to my life and has gone above and beyond in every session to assist me in the best possible way. She brings out the best in my actions and thoughts through her guidance and sheer connection with her energies. She is a passionate advisor who cares about her client to become more successful. You will know this for yourself, if you have a session with her! Savannah , I could write a book praising your efforts and thanking you for all you do and for your all time availability on and off sessions both! I know that you know my respect and gratitude for you! Many thanks! Love always/A.

  3. She is wonderful and so insightful with clarity and to take as someone you absolutely need to get guidance from! I will keep coming back to get her updates and guidance. Thank you!

  4. This advisor is very helpful! She was able to tap into my situation without much information!!

  5. Savannah is a gem, connects very well and picks up the energies around. Does not sugarcoat and gives positive guidance for all things coming up

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