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  1. Rigel is my most trusted advisor on here. She has her finger on the pulse of every situation, is compassionate, exceedingly patient, and offers actionable advice that, when I follow it, improves my situation immeasurably. She doesn’t say things just to please you; often, I find my ego being gently checked by her, only to be reminded of what my values truly are. She has never misguided me. She has sensed my energy and checked in when I sensed I was distressed and at my loneliest moments was a source of guidance and light. I’ll always be grateful for that. Thank you, thank you, always.

  2. Wow! Rigel is Amazing! First reading, and she was so intuitive and so in-depth. Very encouraging, inspiring, accurate and truthful reader.

  3. I am having a nightmare situation, that I created actually of only I had followed Rigel advice, but She is helping me now to resolve this whole dark space that I am creating. I hope she is right about everything. sorry not hope I believe

  4. On point, clear, concise, in tune to your situation and sends additional healing and prayers

  5. Rigel is great. She helps me get clarity on many things and is very emphatic and honest and kind with me. I can’t thank her enough!

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