10 Reviews about “CASANDRA —- [CHAT NOW]

  1. I had a wonderful experience with her. She was warm and compassionate and gave me some incredible insights that have helped me navigate some difficult situations.

  2. I was feeling stuck in my career, but she gave me some amazing insights and helped me see new opportunities. I’m now on a path that feels so much more aligned with my purpose.

  3. it was truly life changing. She helped me understand some deep-seated patterns and beliefs that were holding me back and gave me the tools to overcome them.

  4. Very straight forward and positive reading. Hope everything comes into fruition as predicted.

  5. Very insightful. She did provide some true insights with regards to how I and my husband were feeling in the moment and how we will overcome our issues with patience and little bit time! Her advice for me to was to stay calm – that’s exactly what I needed as I was feeling stuck in my frustration, which I knew is not the right emotion to hold onto. I am going to follow her advice and focus on future rather than past

  6. She was amazing. She was very comforting and easy to talk to and gave clear prediction regarding my situation. Thank you so much

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