9 Reviews about “PLUMERIA —- [CHAT NOW]

  1. I love he reading because she answers so quick, no typos, short replies, great clarity. thanks so much

  2. Her prediction did come to pass (for now). She said my POI will contact me this weekend which she did. Further prediction still on progress and let see how it goes

  3. You are the best, love talking to you. Clear all doubts and said all the things that happened and make so much sense the reasons and behaviors. Thank you so much for all your advice and your help and support.

  4. Very Insightful, and really helped me get clarity on a topic I was struggling with for months. I am very happy with my session

  5. let me in tears and so much fulfillment. I will keep her posted in the weeks to come! Def worth every penny! Sit back and read as she flows with all details! Without saying anything! amazed

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