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  1. Mylie always eases my anxiety and stress whenever I come to her! I always end my chats with her feeling confident in my decisions.

  2. Mylie is a great reader. She has helped me with a matter I’m dealing with that is causing me a lot of grief. She listens well, provides details and descriptions to help you. I will call her back for sure.

  3. Mylie is amazing. She is so accurate in everything that she says and gave me a lot of understanding and closure to situations that I couldn’t understand myself. Definitely puts the puzzle pieces together. Absolutely the best. <3<3

  4. Mylie is awesome! She answered all of my questions and I felt like she understood the situation I was talking about without having to give her a lot of details. She’s amazing!! Thank you so much!

  5. Mylie is full of accurate knowledge. She need very little information from the person to start her reading and immediately connect. It was fabulous speaking with her. She gave me details and timeframes which was VERY good. I hope her prediction comes to pass..I will update once it does and it look forward to speaking with her in the near future as she can read on a variety of topics. Give her a try, you will not regret it!

  6. Mylie is one of the sweetest psychics I’ve spoken with at CP. She is very compassionate, yet gives an honest reading that is both encouraging and puts one at ease. I will definitely speak with her again!

  7. Mylie picked up on my co-worker without me giving alot of information. She was very nice, really clarified what I was going through at my job. I hope her predictions come into fruition.

  8. Mylie quickly picked up on my relationship’s energy & gave me a very positive, well-thought-out reading. She predicted a rosy future; I hope that she is accurate!!!

  9. Mylie really helped me a lot. Strong and kind, you wont be disappointed. Will call again, thank you. 5 stars.

  10. Mylie was able to connect, and was already able to tell what was happening in my life. She picked up on the lack of communication immediately and the reason behind it. Excellent insight and advice. Amazing.

  11. Mylie was amazing!! Able to tune into my POI immediately and helped me understand him and set my heart at ease. Will definitely read with her again.

  12. Mylie was great! She told me something I didnt want to hear but she gave me hope. I followed her advice and I am much happier now.

  13. Mylie was really nice and gave some predictions about my POI and I. She was soft spoken and soothing. Thx Mylie.

  14. Mylie was right on about things in my relationship, that I didn’t have to tell her. She mentioned it before I could tell her about our status. I recommend Mylie highly!

  15. Mylie was so great! She really helped me feel better about everything and helped me feel more confident about the future. She is a real blessing.

  16. Mylie was very accurate in her reading of the two men I asked about. Her delivery was lovely and kind, yet to the point where the rubber meets the road. She confirmed everything I had recently gone through in these two relationships, and it truly helps me to put the past behind me and move forward knowing my true soul mate is not far in the future. It’s ow time to just focus on myself & reclaim my own energy. Beautiful reading. Thank you Mylie.

  17. Mylie was very nurturing & prophetic with me as I came to her wearing “my heart on my sleeve…” This was a tough-to-hear reading, but I wouldn’t have wanted to hear it from anyone else!

  18. Mylies reading was one of the most clarifying, soft spoken, straight to the point reading. She is very good and lovely makes you feel at ease and calm. You definitely will have that peaceful mind while talking to her. I loved what she said for me and the advice given. I will definitely wish to talk to her again another time.

  19. Mylie’s reading was uplifting and helpful. I will reach out to her again and let her know how her predictions pan out.

  20. Great!!!!! Will definately read with Mylie again. I felt her reading was sincere and spot on. Thank you!!!!

  21. Had my 1st chat with Mylie. She confirmed things I was feeling. I was very pleased with her reading. Thank you Mylie.

  22. I called Mylie to assist me with a creative gift for my romantic soul mate who is on the other side. I knew that my soul mate would spot my something unusual if I used Psychic Namath or Psychic Caleb (who are both awesome). Mylie did a great job and we sent a beautiful flower arrangement and surprised my beautiful romantic soul mate! Thank you so much Mylie!

  23. I don’t know where to begin.. I absolutely love speaking with Mylie. I started with a general 12 card reading and my jaw just dropped, as she read my life within a matter of minutes. I’m so thankful that she was available to take my call. I was most definitely teary-eyed to say the least. Thank you so much Mylie. You’re a gem.

  24. I don’t know where to begin.. I absolutely love speaking with Mylie. I started with a general 12 card reading and my jaw just dropped, as she read my life within a matter of minutes. I’m so thankful that she was available to take my call. I was most definitely teary-eyed to say the least. Thank you so much Mylie. You’re a gem.

  25. I felt more balanced after my reading with Mylie. I was losing sleep over an issue that she helped me with, so I am very grateful for her kindness and thoughtful reading. Many blessings Mylie!

  26. I had one of those 11:30pm ‘urgent need to know now’ kind of moments to answer somethings about my love relationship. Mylie was the person who helped me. She was easy to connect to right off the back, makes the best use of all the time on the call, giving as much solid info as she can to help, and she was completely accurate. Mylie was instrumental in helping me make the right choice. Thank you so much Mylie. :)

  27. I love Mylie so much. Shes very straightforward and compassionate. I do suggest doing a reading with her.

  28. I love Mylie! Feels like home talking about serious matters and makes me feel more centered and focused on positive real things not fairy tale this is magical because very few are gifted – Mylie IS GREAT.

  29. I read with Mylie for the first time and I enjoyed her reading. She confirmed what others had said. Thank you.

  30. I was given the clarity I needed and given the validation of how my feelings were regarding my situation. I highly recommend Mylie. I feel like a wait has been lifted off of my shoulders. Thank you so much and I will be calling again!

  31. I’ve had many many readings but I loved Mylies process she was very compassionate and detailed without wasting time.

  32. Omg, one of the best readings I had. The only thing I gave her was my name and my partners name and she jumped right in and picked up on everything that currently going on. She also put my mind to ease and gave me insight on whats to come in the future. I will definitely contact her again in the future and I highly highly recommend her. Thanks a lot Mylie.

  33. She was great and very honest about the situations I was having. I cant wait to see what the future holds!!! I wish I could talk to her everyday her voice is very soothing to the soul and she was on point with all my situations. I promise you wont regret it! Thanks a bunch Mylie! Youre truly a jewel.

  34. Such a great reading! On point for sure. Very soft spoken. I will definitely call to talk to Mylie again. Thank you so much!!!!-Gina, Kailua

  35. Thank you Mylie for shedding light on my situation. You’ve been extremely helpful. You honed right in with accuracy!

  36. Thank you Mylie! The reading was very uplifting. Thank you for your insight and advice. It is very appreciated!-Ruxandra, Cte-des

  37. Thank you Mylie. l felt relaxed throughout the whole reading. She was very honest in a gentle way and she nailed it all with regards to relationships and finances. She reminded me that the red flags are there to help me, not hurt me and that I have a great future ahead of me.

  38. There is so much uncertainty going on in my life and Ive never tried anything like this before. Honestly, I didnt even know what to ask. Mylie was lovely and kind hearted. She was able to guide me in a way where I literally began to cry. I dont know the outcome but am encouraged by the reading. Being a skeptic, I can say I would call again if I found myself in this state of kind again. This was genuinely appreciated! Thank you.

  39. Very positive, compassionate, straight to the point. I couldn’t shake this feeling and she helped guide me through it. I feel renewed now. Thank you Mylie. I will talk with you again soon.

  40. Was very accurate and straightforward. I loved the reading and enjoyed talking with Mylie. Truly gifted. Thanks!

  41. Wow! Mylie is the best reader on here. She is clear and quick. She gave me so much closure and clarity.

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