9 Reviews about “MALIK —- [CHAT NOW]

  1. He has a genuine desire to help others and provide guidance that is in the best interest of the client.

  2. He is able to provide valuable insights and guidance that can help clients navigate difficult situations and make important decisions in their lives.

  3. The advisor is an excellent communicator, able to convey his thoughts and advice clearly and effectively. He is also able to listen actively and give feedback that is helpful and relevant to your situation. He literally guides me and i save my 5 years relation.

  4. He was so very helpful very quick into the points very insightful detail,
    One of the best advisor of my life, who motivated me, who turn my mind to pure soul! Love to be with him

  5. thank you so much. when i first joined purpleindigo, you were one of the advisors who helped me through tough time . I honestly just wanted to stop by & stay thank you, take care

  6. amazing! so quick Ans thorough and detailed and comforting and super solid advice I can put to action

  7. Usama provided invaluable guidance and support throughout my journey. His expertise and empathy created a safe space for me to explore my emotions and work on improving my relationship. His insightful advice helped me understand my partner better and fostered open communication, leading to a stronger and more fulfilling connection.

  8. I highly recommend the Usama. His professionalism and deep understanding of relationship dynamics allowed them to address complex issues with ease. He skillfully guided me and my partner through challenging conversations, helping us navigate conflicts and find constructive resolutions. His guidance brought us closer together and enhanced our overall happiness as a couple.

  9. Working with the Usama was a transformative experience. He skillfully identified the underlying patterns and behaviors that were hindering our relationship’s growth. His practical strategies and exercises provided practical solutions that revitalized our connection. With his guidance, we developed healthier communication habits and learned to prioritize our needs while nurturing our love for each other. Our relationship has flourished under their expert guidance.

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