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  1. Leilani is excellent. She mentioned things that she shouldn’t have known because I never mentioned it. The real deal. Sorry miss i rand out of funds but thanks again

  2. Immensely helpful, kind, and reads the situation clearly. I feel grateful for her patience, insights, all the details she’s provided me, and reasons to keep thinking positively. She’s right about the things I need to do. How I need to reframe the way I think. Honest, but she validated me

  3. All My readings with Leilani are fantastic. She lifted my spirit, she changes everything in a second ..she sees everything even clearer than I do without even telling details ..she knows well the person’s involved without me having to describe…without her , everything would have been difficult and painful for me to handle. She lifts me up to proceed in the correct way …Cant find more words, she sees everything- past , present and future

  4. She was outstanding, the best chat I have ever had, she was kind, she was patient, she was understanding, I really loved speaking with her, I am so grateful , and she will hear from me again

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