9 Reviews about “INGRID —- [CHAT NOW]

  1. Was dealing with heartbreak and everything that comes with it and she has a way to make it all better. very insightful and to the point. amazing advisor!!

  2. Very detailed and very accurate with descriptions. Thank you for warning me . It is always a pleasure speaking with you

  3. She is the best. She has been helping me and giving me clarity whenever I am in a bad situation.

  4. Ingrid is thus far the only person who can cut my Gordian knot. She has pulled me out of the gutter with matters of the heart and head for many years. She’s both a psychic and a therapist – a duo that’s rare to come by. She is costly but worth every dime to engage in times of need. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs clarifications and direction in your life

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