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  1. Gary is a very straightforward guy and is really good at delving into what others are going through.

  2. Gary is always a delight to talk to. And always spot on. Its amazing!! I look forward to our next chat.

  3. Gary is always consistent and very pleasant to talk to. I really feel like he is in my corner cheering me on.

  4. Gary is always very detailed and informative. I really appreciate that he makes the most of my time. Hes also pretty accurate.

  5. Gary is amazing!!! First time reading with him. Love his reading style. I wish I would have found him a long time ago. He predicts I should hear something next week about my career promotion and will start in March. He also Predicted a new man coming into my life in March. Sounds like March is going to be a busy month. Thanks Gary, so a fun reading, lots of laughs. Will definitely call back in March.

  6. Gary is an amazing psychic. Love listening to his advice and is always spot on. Time ran out but he is the type of individual you would invite over for tea and just sit and talk with. Trust your instincts and give Gary a call!

  7. Gary is one of my absolute favorites. Hes extremely detailed and honest. Looking forward to his predictions.

  8. Gary is one of the most confident psychics I’ve spoken to and more than any other psychic his readings have been surprisingly consistent to the very smallest detail. He’s also really fun and pleasant to talk to! Definitely one of my favorites!

  9. Gary is so awesome! He tells it like he sees it and does not waiver. One of my top favorites and helps to keep me grounded.

  10. Gary is so cool to talk to!! Brought up interesting items that only I knew. Gave me timelines. His whole demeanor just calmed me. Will talk with him once the prediction timelines have happened, which should be very soon.

  11. Gary is very through, detailed and specific and gives specific timelines and sound advice that is on target with the situation at hand. We shall see what manifests!

  12. Gary was very detailed in giving me direction and predictions on my POI! So far he has been right on point with time-lines and future events! I cant wait to see what unfolds.

  13. Gary was very good. He thoroughly explained whats next regarding my POI so only time will tell the story.

  14. Gary’s reading was our first in a few months on same subject and he definitely got the main points. Having changed his schedule around for whatever reason he definitely was so on top of his game even better than in past!! His clarity on the subject was strong and aligned with the only other very strong 3 CPs I will even read with here. Gary is really GIFTED, honest, & cares about his caller w/excellent detail. You’ve got to call Gary, grounding and great!

  15. Gary’s readings are very detailed and hopeful! Love talking to this straight-shooter, no fluff, just tells me what he sees. Great reader 🙂

  16. Gave lots of accurate details about POI. Gave timeline for upcoming month, but also long term. Also added some information I didnt ask for, but came up in the cards. Will report back with accuracy.

  17. Great read with Gary. First in a few months and he is consistent in his readings on the same subject awaited, and his reading and timelines are same as 3 only other trusted CPs on here. Gary’s readings are refreshing, to the point, never asks probing questions and very rarely any. Just a good straight professional reading. Looking forward to this very protracted situation coming about. Thank you for another honest, calming reading, appreciate it.

  18. Great reading and very honest and informative! I appreciate his honesty and giving me great personal info on relationships!

  19. Great reading, very honest and to the point. Gave me great advice about future and I was happy that I spoke with him! He is very good at his job!

  20. Had not read with Gary for a few months & he picked up as always right where we last read w/out any info from me. Very clear, concise, & detailed, Gary is a very strong & confident reader every time in what he is seeing. The predictions remain same w/new details, just waiting on timing to come round. Gary’s readings definitely follow same as what I receive w/my small, very trusted few CPs re situation, consistently same predictions. Thank you, Gary!

  21. He was absolutely amazing, honest, and funny. He confirmed information that I know to be fact. Absolutely amazing, cant say it enough.

  22. He was absolutely amazing. Spot on, fast and I was really satisfied with my reading. Highly recommended.

  23. His reading has been the same over a year, and its a week or two away! I believe in him. Cards wont change until predictions happen! Im just waiting for them to happen. Hes very consistent!

  24. I always enjoy reading with Gary. He is consistent and many of his predictions have come to pass.

  25. I cannot even begin to express how accurate he was picking up on my situation. Jaw to the floor. He gives a lot of information and starts picking up on things left and right without you having to say much. I cant recommend him highly enough. Thank you Gary!

  26. I give Gary minimal info and he quickly runs with it. Very conscientious about taking a bit of time if needed, to tune in and get his messages. Predictions are specific and accurate. Not overly wordy which I appreciate! Easy to get all needed info within 10 min.

  27. I had to come back to update Gary. Last time he told me my poi would reach out during a certain time and he did! My poi and I finally hung out last weekend. He told me now go with flow and still establish that friendship. Ill do just that since he hasnt steered me wrong yet! Thanks Gary.

  28. I love Gary. He searches to give you the answers youre seeking. Cant wait for his predictions to come to fruition.

  29. I love his reading style. Although, his accent his hard to understand he does get the job done.

  30. I never leave feedback! He was great! He picked up things others havent and told me some. Was a great reading. Hope predictions come to light.

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