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  1. I ran out of funds, but thank you for the reading. Looking forward to speaking with my POI next week and starting down a better path.

  2. I really enjoy reading with Gary. His predictions are consistent and hes very practical, down to earth and calming.

  3. I really hope his predictions come to pass. I honestly believe in my heart they will. Hes very compassionate and has an amazing approach to each and every question. Gary is definitely somebody you want to read with!

  4. I was blown away by my reading with Gary. I asked him about my aunt and mother who recently passed away (4 months apart). My aunt was paraplegic from an accident. Gary said, Shes showing me her hands moving and now shes on a scooter riding around like a kid. She was letting me know she is happy to be able to walk, move, run and move her hands! Then he described my Mom and her to a T! Gary is the best.

  5. I was feeling horrible and I talked to Gary and he lifted my spirits and reassured me. Looking forward to the next few weeks.

  6. I was really excited to read the reviews and see that it is very accurate. I absolutely loved speaking with him. He was very honest and I hope his predictions come to be true.

  7. In the past I was skeptical after some of my readings timelines for contact did not fully come too fruition but looking back on my readings overall Garys predictions have been some of the most accurate. Gary is super thorough and delivers a reading that is always full of information. He was spot on for a more recent timeline for contact.

  8. Looking forward to his predictions of what is coming, all amazing things with my POI. And hearing from my POI within the week and seeing my POI soon after contact is initiated. And is working out. Our relationship and being back into a better place as time goes on. I cant wait for that and the week’s to come and the new year! Thank you Gary for your details .

  9. Love Gary! He is truly amazing at what he does! An immense amount of accurate details & he tunes in so effortlessly! Before I could ask my question, He asked it for me !

  10. Love reading with Gary, who is super fast and thorough! Waiting for his predictions to come to pass!

  11. My first reading with Gary and he was uncannily accurate on all aspects of my concerns! I would most assuredly call him again!!

  12. My second reading with Gary, first was in a chat last year. He told me look for December and yes something was very nice beginning of December for me. Second prediction to look for January, something important to look for. I am waiting for Jan prediction and today by phone he gave me several predictions starting from today until September. I will update surely but most of all he kept my heart in peace. Thanks Gary. I will come back for updates. Stay safe and well. xo

  13. Predictions never change and theyre always right even if what he says sounds totally insane at the time!

  14. Second time reading with him. Hes very kind yet direct. He gave good insight and I would read with him again.

  15. Seems very confident ! And love his energy. Only time will tell to see if the predictions come true to give it full stars.

  16. So on point. He wowed me from beginning to end. I don’t know what to do but I’m so ecstatic about all the things he informed me about.

  17. Speaking to Gary felt like I was speaking with an older friend. He picked up on my recent excessive spending on readings and suggested I try to save up, which is something I really need to do. Thanks Gary! I appreciate your advice and the overall reading a lot. Will be back with updates.

  18. Thank you Gary! Always a pleasure speaking with you, you’re extremely kind and compassionate about my misgivings. Looking forward to the changes coming my way, still unsure about the man but I will try my best to let it happen and not shut it down. Maybe this time around it will be the other person showing me that a relationship is worth it. We shall see.

  19. Thank you Gary, no matter how far fetched things seem they always come into fruition. I appreciate your patience and guidance and truth.

  20. Thank you for the reading, I ran out of funds but Ill follow your advice and start fresh with him. Looking forward to next weekend!

  21. Thank you for your advice and informative guidance! He is a great psychic who can see beyond what you were even thinking about. Thank you for helping me to calm my anxiety as well!

  22. Thank you so much Gary and spirit guides. Easy to talk to. Reading was very similar to his other readings and predictions. He has remained consistent, except for 1 time, that I think he mixed poi’s up. But, his reading was back on track. Thank you. I will wait for things to pass.

  23. Thank you so much for your kind advice and appreciate everything you said in the reading. Gary connects so quick, you dont need to say much.

  24. Thank you so much! I love going to Gary. Hes like a breath of fresh air! He said my poi would talk to me and wed get closer and it definitely happened.

  25. Thanks uncle Gary, hes definitely been a wonderful blessing in my life. He definitely tells you like it is, with no sugarcoating. He said the reading is the same and it wont change until the event has taken place. I will wait till March to see real dramatic changes.

  26. Very detailed, confident, consistent and insightful. Looking forward to predictions coming true. Gary is a pleasure to speak with. You feel like you really get a comprehensive reading.

  27. What can I say about Gary that hasnt already been said! Hes great!! He is an extremely detailed and accurate reader. His compassion, patience and sense of humor made the reading so awesome. Gary is your guy!

  28. Wow thats basically all I can say. He answered all of my questions right out of the gate and I didnt ask him anything. He provided so much information within 10 mins and I didnt have to say a word.

  29. Wow, Gary is so confident and his very detailed readings remain consistent reading after reading even if I haven’t read with him for a long time. He is also fun to speak with.

  30. You’re awesome. Absolutely amazing reading. Thank you so much. You’ve given me so much detail and great insight.

  31. You are awesome. So much of what you have told me I understand. I will come to you for the future.

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