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  1. She is very helpful. I will continue to chat with her. She seems to know the facts about my situation.

  2. She was accurate! She predicted that I would get let down in a job position I applied for and she was right!

  3. She was nice. Sweet. And answered all my questions. Including giving me great advice. Truly a recommend. And such a good person/friend! Thank you.

  4. She was so kind and you can tell she really cares about giving accurate information for you to see the truth!!!

  5. She was spot on with what she was saying. She said I would see my POI in April which makes sense, I know for certain that I will.

  6. She was such a breath of fresh air. She was on point with the things I was feeling before I said it and she gave me a sense of relief with my problems.

  7. She was terrific. Lots of detail and pretty accurate. Looks into the whole picture snd points out what is best given the circumstances.

  8. Shes outstanding. She didnt tell me what I wanted to hear but what was truth. Shes been a staple in my healing.

  9. Thank You Emery. As difficult as it is to sometimes hear the truth in the end it always helps in the process of moving forward.

  10. Thank you for everything. Thank you for always keeping me calm. I appreciate you. I hope you’re right.

  11. Thank you so much! I greatly appreciated my reading and loved having the explanation of the cards that came up.

  12. Thank you so much. My time ran out but I thank for the questions I did have answered. I will be calling back soon. Youre amazing. Thank you Emery.

  13. Thanks so much for my reading with Emery. It was pleasant to speak with you this evening. You hit alot of items which I was concerned about and I want you to know I really appreciate your honesty and I listened very carefully to what you said and for that I want to say thank you. God Bless you ancestors again. Thanks, enjoy your evening.

  14. The reading was short, but she was able to answer all of my questions and provide me with the advice I think I needed to hear.

  15. There were some problems in my love life that I needed clarifications on she was spot on with her psychic abilities. I would definitely call her again

  16. This day was extremely emotional but Ive got confirmation and I thank you for being honest with me. I appreciate you. I will keep you updated. Shes very good.

  17. This is my girl right here. She is so spot on. I love her. Shes very honest and accurate I’ve read with her once and I found out recently that everything was right that she said.

  18. Upfront with a very gentle approach. She was willing to explain further when needed, was accurate and showed a more in depth insight with detail. Wonderful!! Looking forward to speaking with her again!

  19. Very easy to talk to. Emery provided me lots of details and gave me hope for my situation. Would definitely get a reading from her again.

  20. Very kind, very nice very good reader prediction result is amazing accuracy of prediction is also amazing.

  21. Wonderful reassuring voice! Delivers quick messages from the other side! Thank you, Emery, the connection with my mom recently passed is a step towards my healing!

  22. I really hope her predictions come to pass. I honestly believe in my heart they will. She’s very compassionate and has an amazing approach to each and every question. She is definitely somebody you want to read with

  23. Very helpful in providing the the confidence and encouragement needed. Very accurate reading about myself and by personality

  24. I have been working with her since early May of this year, it started with love related readings progressing into all different topics in my life since I had developed trust in her readings and had gotten assurances on her authentic desire to help me and her willingness to support me even outside of my sessions.

  25. Emery taps into my energies very gently, she says things as they are in her visions, no sugar coating. Her way of delivering the messages are very kind and compassionate but direct. Every session with her I have had, I have found her to be genuine, sincere, kind and her availability to support after sessions has been incredible for me.

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