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  1. I absolutely loved his reading. He brought me so much comfort even if it was something I didnt want to hear.

  2. I enjoyed speaking with Barron. I found him very practical in his motivational words. My favorite part was a Tarot reading with some specific dates and things to look for. I will call Barron again in the future.

  3. I like him. He’s different than what I’m used to but that’s a good thing. He was positive and nice. I’ll call him again.

  4. I liked Barron. He was good. He mentioned something specific about travel and I know my friend travels a lot.

  5. I really liked Barron. He was very sweet and very honest. God Bless you Barron. I will call you again.

  6. I was blown away at the reading that was provided by Barron! I had a reading with him the night before this one, and told him I was interested in a medium. The reading that was provided was mind blowing! I highly recommend him and will be reconnecting with him again.

  7. Ive spoken with Abe 3 times now and he blows me away with his accuracy every single time! He also has a great sense of humor! I would highly recommend giving him a call!

  8. Incredible! Very patient and detailed. I love the idea of giving time frame in a predicted process. One of my favorites. Thank you.

  9. It was good. He picked up on the situation. He gave me a lot of dates. If we are running out on min, I don’t know if it is okay to ask us to stop shuffling the cards. Idk. But he was good.

  10. It was great talking with you for the first time, Barron! It was amazing experience and you picked cards that exactly matched my situation and gave me clarity to move forward.

  11. My reading was spot on. Barron told me I would get a job interview on a particular day and I did. The interview went well and just awaiting a response. There were some other insights he informed me of and I am patiently waiting for their arrival.

  12. Nice and caring person! He told me the truth but was also very understanding in telling me. Id definitely read with him again.

  13. Nice guy, gave me a little bit of homework and Ill look into it. Gave a good reading and an honest one.

  14. Omg, like Im blown away. He was so spot on about everything, everything like I dont know what to say. Im speechless. Thank you. I will be doing another reading plus more.

  15. Psychic Barron takes the time to explain each tarot card meaning to you. It’s like talking to an old friend who guides you. Will definitely read again. Thank you.

  16. Really enjoyed my reading brought a lot of light to my situation and my made feel better about whats going on in my relationship.

  17. Second time reading with Barron. He was correct the first instant with his timeframe regarding my new home. The second was about relationship. He told me on 01/19/22 I would meet a guy on 01/21/22 and it did happen. He gave me 2 more timeframes one this month and the other in April. I will update then. The only thing is I find he goes on talking a bit too much but his predictions are good and he is friendly.

  18. Spoke with Barron on 5/9 and I ask when can I expect to him from poi. he told me Wed-Thurs. Sure enough poi texted me on Thurs.

  19. Thank you Barron and this time I tried my best to keep my mouth shut and you gave me a wealth of information. I appreciate you!

  20. Thank you Barron for the card reading. I enjoyed your very descriptive reading very much. Thank you for the peace of mind!!

  21. There’s absolutely no appropriate words to say how amazing this man is. He’s easy to talk to and he gives you a straightforward answer and honestly it puts everything in perspective.

  22. Thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Barron! I am looking forward to seeing how his timelines play out in the coming months as they correspond with my current activities. Barron was very candid and easy to talk to even in regards to sensitive topics. Would definitely have another reading with Barron and recommend him to friends.

  23. Uncle Barron made me feel very comfortable and he gave me all the “tea” I asked for. Good and bad! He’s the real deal and a true blessing! I’m so excited for my life to unfold.

  24. I’ve been to many psychics over the years, but my latest reading was by far the most insightful. Barron was able to give me clarity and guidance on a tough decision.

  25. Barron was very professional and made me feel at ease throughout the reading. He gave me valuable advice and helped me see things from a new perspective

  26. My friend sorry my credit. What you said two months ago about my boyfriend became true. He changed a lot, your healings helped a lot, because he is a different person today. You said that we were compatible, despite what Experienced at the beginning, it was very challenging, I would say it was almost impossible. He is exactly what you said two years ago. Unbelievable! definitely you have a good talent, and of course you like to help people

  27. He is very insightful and compassionate. Gives a very detailed reading with no BS. Straight forward with answers and always gives me clarity and peace of mind.

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