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  1. I greatly appreciate my reading with Ari. She zeroed in and nailed exactly what is going on. I look forward to her prediction and I would definitely call her again. Finally no need to refresh her page every second!!! you know she works on other platform and we need to refresh her page every second!!!! Finally so happy to found you here!!!

  2. Ari just made my Friday. You zeroed in on exactly the conundrum I’m facing, and helped me tune into my intuition with a powerful exercise that I’ll use in the future. Thank you!

  3. Ari is my all time favorite. I just had an amazing connection with her and what she was able to tell me about myself and confirm was just AMAZING!

  4. First chat with Ari and she was able to get right to my poi and described the behavior accurately to a razor edge. Will chat again.

  5. It was like she was inside my inner thoughts and experiences, navigating me to the best solution. Candid, honest, sincere and timeline in sync with expectations. She’s the real deal folks. Worth the price for the piece of mind and clarity. Thank you!

  6. She was direct with her answers to my questions. She told me things that I already knew and realize that. I enjoyed my reading.

  7. This reading was much needed and I really appreciated her helping me out on this situation I had.

  8. I really enjoyed my reading with Ari. She is so straightforward and explains everything so well with so many details. It resonated completely, she got it down to everything that is going on and explained the personality of my love interest like a book! Wow it’s great how well she can pick things up and I didn’t give much information, only names. I will definitely keep going back.

  9. Very nice person, can go off on tangents but it’s because she’s resonating with your situation. Ari is most definitely accurate and really gave me some food for thought about my job as well as my person of Interest.

  10. Ari did not waste time. She was giving information so fast for me and my POI. I could barely keep up. I used the chat feature and she types fast! Must read!

  11. Ari has this really cool personality making the read quite fun and enjoyable! Lots of details and time lines provided, which is always a plus. 🙂

  12. Cards were very accurate and she just knew the energy the vibe so well. It’s like she’s there to see it herself.

  13. Great reading. She knew so much information without me even saying a word. I am looking forward to her predictions.

  14. Her reading came true as she said within an hour after speaking to her. She helped me be better prepared for a hard situation. She was def on point. Highly recommend as her prediction came true exactly as predicted.

  15. Phenomenal. Ari really knows her cards alongside the best of the best. She brings the tarot in nicely with messages so you feel really rooted in what she shares. Love her directness and polish.

  16. Absolutely amazing! Very in tune to your situation and very straightforward, yet very caring and compassionate.

  17. She’s nailing details that couldn’t possibly be guessed and things at times I don’t even know until days after the reading. I really feel a connection to Ari and would highly recommend giving her a try!

  18. Wasn’t what I wanted to hear but at least gives me strength to move on with my life in regards to my poi. I appreciate all your time and energy! Thank you. You’re amazing.

  19. Thank you, Ari, for the amazing reading you said the exact words, that my POI said to me “he wants me to be the last woman for him” Ari is the real deal no one would have known this but he and I. I am looking forward to seeing her predictions come true. Ari, you are my go to. I will keep you posted definitely.

  20. Another Fun and Funny reading with Psychic Ari this evening as she is helping me not only with my past life experiences and analysis’ but also with guidance for my dream analysis! Ari is also good at saying that maybe this was just a plain old Dream and/or maybe you were having a normal reaction? Thank You Ari for your Guidance!

  21. It is always a pleasure to have a reading with Psychic Ari and she delivered again with wonderful advice from an experienced professional! Ari could be a counselor, educator and historian as well as a fun person to get a reading with! Thank You so much Ari!

  22. Thank you for the reading! I loved the guidance and reading you provided. I will keep you informed on the results. For those reading, Ari is a wonderful human being that is very on target with her readings. I will update this review as things roll out. 🙂

  23. Ari is a true psychic… she can see very clearly and give good insight about the situation in question.

  24. She was amazing and straightforward. I love speaking to her and look forward to it again. She knew things before I told her. Simply amazing. Career and Love.

  25. I read with Ari about half a year ago on other platform and rereading her predictions, I realized how on the mark she was which made me have a lot of confidence in my current reading with her.

  26. Ari is EXCELLENT! She provides deep insight into your situation and quickly. If you’re ever confused or trying to make sense of a situation, chat Ari. You’ll have total clarity after a chat with her.

  27. Guys this is NOT Bitwine Ari!!!!!! Don’t be fooled, don’t waste your money here!!! Ari can ONLY be found on BiTWINE. AVOID!!!

  28. Always trustworthy, honest and kind. She understands the energies that you bring to her and able to help you navigate your way with understanding and patience

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