9 Reviews about “ADDISON —- [CHAT NOW]

  1. Addison was able to connect with my loved ones who have passed on. It was an emotional and healing experience.

  2. she is very sweet and kind. she gave me hope when I was fully depressed. and I give second chance to my life. very positive

  3. Amazing and educational in the process of meditating. Thank you for your encouragement as well as validation of my deceased loved ones.

  4. I am feeling positive and good about the reading. I am excited to wait and give my ex space .whatever I need to do I will. I thank and trust the person that did my reading. thank you so much

  5. Don’t walk, run to speak to her. She has been guiding me through a very complicated matter and her abilities to foresee brilliance and insight is next to one. She’s a ray of light in my life

  6. Sweet and focused, always a consultant I need in my life. Really takes a good look and can sense things.

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